Ethereum mixer cryptocurrency tumbler

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Ethereum mixer cryptocurrency tumbler

ethereum mixing service

Ethereum although it is considered confidential, leaves the traces of previously perfect transactions, to whom and where coins were translated, and on this trace interested persons if desired, you can calculate you.

Therefore, when you buy ETHEREUMs and translate them to other wallets, these operations are visible to everyone and absolutely transparent.
ethereum mixing service

Thus, anyone interested can calculate who acquires ETHEREUMs and where they are sent. It is in this case that the services of the Ethereum mixers we are talking about.

Ethereum mixers, also referred to as the “laundry” or “washing”, are the resources used to remove traces of any transactions.

So we will try to figure out “What is an Ethereum mixer and why is it needed?”

It has long been known that ETHEREUMs are not difficult to determine who it belongs. In addition to the fact that almost all the exchanges now require a person’s confirmation, each Ethereum transaction is recorded in the blockchain protocol, which is the public registry Ethereum and visible to everyone.
Therefore, when you buy ETHEREUMs and translate them to other addresses and wallets, these operations are visible to everyone and are absolutely transparent.

It follows that anyone can track who acquires coins and where they are translated.
A good example is the requested report in which the US power structures and the National Security Agency wanted to track users cryptocurrency, analyzing transactions.

The calculation of illegal operations related to Ethereum can not be engaged not only by law enforcement. There are also stock exchanges that seek to track operations from gambling sites and DarkNet markets. They do not accept funds from gambling sites according to the reasons only known.
It can be assumed, the reason is that gambling sites are known as money laundering centers, where part of the income comes from the “Dark Network”.




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